About Us

Masterpiece Living is a multi-specialty group who is committed to older adults aging in a better way. How we make that happen is the basis of the strong partnerships we build with like-minded organizations.

We work with leading experts in the field of aging. We grew up as the direct application of the research study that changed aging forever … The MacArthur Foundation Study on Aging: members of that research team have guided us, and still guide us. We are well into our second decade at the cutting edge of transforming aging. Our Team has over 300 years collective experience in the multiple aspects of aging science.

We have a proven track record of success. Everything we offer … everything … is based on solid research and has been pilot tested for soundness and usability. Measuring outcomes, whether individual or community outcomes, is not an extra benefit of our partnership. It is the core of what we do together.

Your journey is our top priority. Whether an older adult in our partnership, or the actual community, or organization who partners, you decide where you want to go on your journey to successful aging. We provide the guidance, the structure, resources and aging expertise. We are with you for the whole trip, not just the beginning.

We are continually evolving. New research, the feedback we get from older adults and partner communities, and aging services industry developments, guide us in refining our approach and resources. We are in this for the long haul and intend to remain at the forefront of the aging transformation in this country and others.

We are part of something bigger. We have built an ever-growing Network of over seventy visionary communities and organizations who are all part of a Movement … a movement to change how we age in this county for current older adults, for all of us, and for our grandchildren. The well documented approaches and the outcomes we collectively achieve are part of a powerful developing case for changing public policy on aging. We find this so exciting and it is the motivation that keeps our Team focused like a laser on our own journey.