LiveLong_3D_HighRes_RGBLive Long, Die Short: A Guide to Authentic Health and Successful Aging, by Dr. Roger Landry, is a call to action: for individuals to live a lifestyle that will give them the best chance to maximize their potential as they age; for organizations and communities to become places where older adults can reach their full potential and continue to contribute to the community; and for society to jettison stereotypes of aging that fail to recognize that older adults represent not a problem, but solutions to the many challenges threatening our way of life. Dr. Landry discusses what Live Long, Die Short is all about in this informative VIDEO.


Dr. Landry’s book, Live Long, Die Short, gives us a deeper understanding of what it takes to be authentically healthy, of the profound negative effects of modern day stress, and our need to nurture all aspects of our magnificent human nature.

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