Benefits of Being a Masterpiece Living Partner

As a partner of Masterpiece Living, you reap the benefits of years of research, continuous development, investment, and expertise. Whether you are from a retirement community, a senior center or another business which is focused on senior health and wellness, Masterpiece Living will give you the tools to actualize the aging research, measure the impact of the services you offer and remain attractive to future clientele.

Operational Benefits: Becoming Destinations of Successful Aging

  • Adapt a systematic and strategic approach to wellness.
  • Maximize existing resources and measure effectiveness.
  • Achieve staff buy-in and education to establish a culture of successful aging.
  • Ensure an engaged population, enhancing participation and purpose.
  • Access a customizable measurement system that tracks progress and creates benchmarks and initiatives for everyone within your organization.
  • Connect with the Masterpiece Living partner network of experts to access the latest research, and the programs to incorporate into your organization.

Sales & Marketing Benefits: Defining and Promoting a Healthy Aging Lifestyle

  • Position your organization for success and gain access to the latest research and programs from the wellness, gerontology and senior living industries.
  • Demonstrate the advantage of partnership in a competitive market.
  • Show positive outcomes and benefits of a successful aging lifestyle.
  • Attract younger and healthier clientele.
  • Gain access to the partner network of innovators and leaders.
  • Align yourself with the experts involved with the MacArthur Study on Aging, the Masterpiece Living Team and advisory board and the Mayo Clinic.

Individual Benefits: Empowering Personal Growth

  • Ensure greater awareness and education about successful aging and the impact of everyday lifestyle choices.
  • Access Masterpiece Living website and individual measurement tools that assess a wide-range of successful aging outcomes and compare to national norms.
  • Participate in meaningful programs by Masterpiece Living.
  • Contribute and participate in the planning and execution of a strategic successful aging approach.