Master-PEACE Living at Friendship Village (a Resident Report)

Chloris Wendt is a long-time resident of Friendship Village of Bloomington, a Masterpiece Living Center for Successful Aging in Bloomington, MN. Below, she writes about the positive experiences she, her husband (Harry), and other residents have had at their community, and the support they are receiving during the Covid-19 pandemic… *** MASTERPIECE LIVING – FRIENDSHIP VILLAGE, BLOOMINGTON MN Resident’s Report; […]

Masterpiece Living Designates Five New Centers for Successful Aging

Masterpiece Living designated five new Centers for Successful Aging in 2019. Centers for Successful Aging (CSA) recipients have incorporated all of the criteria set by a team of longevity experts, to include: leadership trained in successful aging, data-driven decision making, active coaching and team member successful aging initiatives. A landmark, decade-long study by the MacArthur Foundation revealed that 70% of physical aging and approximately 50% of […]

Masterpiece Living Designates Four New Centers for Successful Aging

Maximizing Potential and Putting Research into Action Centers for Successful Aging (CSAs) fulfill the need for high quality successful aging service providers, and are regional destinations that implement innovative practices, both within their organization and for the greater community. These are destinations that empower residents and team members to maximize their potential by applying the latest research on successful aging and demonstrating […]

Sun Health’s Successful Aging Series

Sun Health’s Grandview Terrace, La Loma Village and The Colonnade are three Masterpiece Living partner organizations located in Arizona. Sun Health recently wrote a series of articles defining successful aging and demonstrating ways to incorporate lifestyle approaches within a community and as an individual. In part one, Spirituality at retirement communities, they explore the importance of a spiritual practice as a way […]

Friendship Village of Bloomington a Promising Practices Winner!

Friendship Village of Bloomington (a Lifespace Community and Masterpiece Living partner) was recently featured in the Mather LifeWays Institute on Aging’s annual Innovation at Work 2017 report as a Promising Practices Winner for the way that they are helping to reshape the aging services profession. In the article, “Promoting Wellness Through Resident Empowerment,” they share wellness initiatives such as Winterfit, […]

HIIT at The Terraces of Phoenix

In this video, watch how Jay, the fitness instructor at The Terraces of Phoenix (a Masterpiece Living Partner and Center for Successful Aging), instructs a HIIT class (High-Intensity Interval Training) for residents. They were craving something more challenging, and he delivered! We hope more communities adopt classes such as this one so that attendees can remain active and keep growing.  

Four Pointes – Center for Successful Aging Tries Aerial Yoga as Part of “Living It!”

Our friends at the Four Pointes – Center for Successful Aging stepped out of their comfort zones and tried aerial yoga for the first time. The initiative was part of Masterpiece Living’s Living It! campaign, which challenges participants to try new opportunities in the social, intellectual, physical and spiritual components of successful aging. Four Pointes Wellness Director, Jessie Riley, told us: […]

Building a Culture of Successful Aging

By: Penny Vittoria (Successful Aging Coach, Acacia Creek) When you walk through Acacia Creek Retirement Community, it feels different from other communities. One visitor remarked, “I think my mom would live longer if she moved here.” What she felt is what most people feel at Acacia Creek, an aliveness that comes from people who are engaged in what they love […]