Two Great Speakers at One Great Event!

Masterpiece Living’s 10th Annual Lyceum included two powerful presentations. Jill Vitale-Aussem, senior living leadership expert, educator, and member of the Masterpiece Living Speaker’s Bureau presented, “Stranded! What a Hurricane Can Teach Us About Senior Living.” In it, Vitale-Aussem shared how a run-in with a category 4 hurricane changed her view of senior living forever. CLICK HERE for your downloadable copy of Jill Vitale-Aussem’s […]

Lance Robertson and the Five Pillars

Lance Robertson, Asst. Secretary for Aging and Administrator of Community Living and Health and Human Services sent Lyceum attendees a special video message commending Masterpiece Living’s mission to change the experience and perception of aging in America. He shared his administration’s Five Pillars for promoting independence for older adults across the nation. They were: Expanding employment opportunities; connecting people to […]

Fighting Ageism and Celebrating Passion, Possibility and Purpose

“Prejudice fuels Ageism – or any ‘ism’. It’s not about how you look. It’s about how people in power assign meaning to how we look,” author and activist Ashton Applewhite said during her We’re All Aging! Let’s End Ageism keynote at Masterpiece Living’s 10th Annual Lyceum. “Ageism is the last acceptable ‘ism’.” As with all prejudice, it relies on “other-ing” and thinking […]

Dual Tasking and Intergenerational Connections with Dr. Rob Winningham

“It’s all about executive functioning,” shared Dr. Rob Winningham, Director of the Masterpiece Academy and full professor at Western Oregon University, during a presentation on dual-tasking. Executive functioning is all about attention, inhibition, reasoning, problem solving, planning and memory. And, according to research, it can be improved through physical exercise. Dr. Winningham’s co-presenter, Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Neurological Physical […]

Highlights from Masterpiece Living’s 10th Annual Lyceum: Making Chronological Age Irrelevant

This Chair Rocks author and activist, Ashton Applewhite, is convinced that everyone is ageist (even though everyone is aging). Growing Bolder’s Marc Middleton wants to rebrand aging and deprogram the world from the insidious cult of youth. Hockey Hall of Famer, Jack O’Callahan, believes that perseverance and a good attitude are what brought the Miracle on Ice team an Olympic […]

The Fun and Serious Sides of Technology

By: Danielle Palli and Verna M. Cavey, PhD In Juliet Kerlin’s delightful Lyceum 2017 presentation, The Fun Theory: Transformation Through Person-Based Technology, we learned how fun can be a great motivator! In one study, research demonstrated that people are 66% more likely to use the stairs when steps are transformed into piano keys that played musical notes. Subsequent studies continue […]

We Are All Connected

By: Dr. Roger Landry Early Sunday morning on October 23, 1983 in Beirut, Lebanon and during the Lebanese Civil War, two suicide truck bombers struck the barracks of the multinational peacekeeping force, killing 241 US marines, sailors and soldiers, 58 French peacekeepers and six civilians. I was serving at the Air Force Headquarters Europe in Ramstein, Germany. For the next […]

Mindful Aging: The Power of Presence

By: Cera Meintzer “Wherever you put the mind, the body will follow,” Chaplain Jim Kok, Executive Director of Chaplain Services at Christian Living Communities, told us. He began his presentation on mindful aging by citing the work of researcher Ellen Langer. In the ’90s, Langer studied the mind-body connection and specifically how your thoughts and beliefs affect your physical experience […]

Highlights from Lyceum 2017: The Summit of Change

By: Danielle Palli Residents and team members from more than 80 partner communities gathered in Denver for Lyceum 2017: The Summit of Change. The theme of this year’s Masterpiece Living conference was change … social change and advocacy, the changing landscape of technology, and the changing perspective of older adults and how older adults are regarded in this modern age. […]