Masterpiece Living Recognizes Acacia Creek for Their Dedication to GEMS Leadership Coaching

Masterpiece Living (MPL) recognizes Acacia Creek Retirement Community for becoming the first MPL partner and Center for Successful Aging (CSA) to have their entire leadership team trained in GEMS coaching. GEMS (Growth, Empowerment, Meaning, Support) coach training is a Masterpiece Living healthy longevity coaching style based on a philosophy of support. A supportive culture uses coaching language and concepts that encourage residents and team members to recognize […]

Masterpiece Living Teams Up with Chart-Topping Singer-Songerwriters to Stamp Out Ageism with the “I See You” Challenge

Masterpiece Living, a multi-specialty group who has spent more than 20 years partnering with organizations nationwide to provide expert guidance in aging science and living with passion, purpose and growth, has teamed with chart-topping singer-songwriters Grant Maloy Smith and Mike Greenly on a challenge to stamp out ageism. “I heard a group of older adults talking a few years ago,” […]

Masterpiece Living Designates Five New Centers for Successful Aging

Masterpiece Living designated five new Centers for Successful Aging in 2019. Centers for Successful Aging (CSA) recipients have incorporated all of the criteria set by a team of longevity experts, to include: leadership trained in successful aging, data-driven decision making, active coaching and team member successful aging initiatives. A landmark, decade-long study by the MacArthur Foundation revealed that 70% of physical aging and approximately 50% of […]

Presbyterian Senior Living Featured in BOSS Magazine

Masterpiece Living Partner, Presbyterian Senior Living, was recently featured in BOSS magazine, and recognized for being best in class. They mentioned Masterpiece Living’s support in enhancing their culture and unparalleled resident experience. “[Masterpiece Living has] been a tremendous partner for us in improving how we are able to look at wellness from a different perspective and measure wellness for our residents.” –Dan […]

Masterpiece Living Welcomes Eloy Lopez as New Chief Operating Officer

Masterpiece Living (MPL) Executive Chairman and CEO, Larry Landry, is proud to announce Eloy Lopez as MPL’s new Chief Operating Officer.  Eloy Lopez is Masterpiece Living’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) and brings more than 16 years of expertise in executive leadership, team building, technological innovation, data-driven strategies, and direct-to-consumer marketing. He is widely recognized as an Influential leader and mentor, skilled […]

Beacon Hill Resident Featured in the Daily Herald

Max Briggs is a retired art teacher of 36 years, who now teaches painting and drawing classes at Lifespace’s Beacon Hill (a Center for Successful Aging). “Successful aging isn’t just a program, it’s our culture here at Beacon Hill,” says Bridgette Walshe, executive director at Beacon Hill. “We live and breathe it daily, and it takes everyone’s full involvement and […]

Masterpiece Living Designates Four New Centers for Successful Aging

Maximizing Potential and Putting Research into Action Centers for Successful Aging (CSAs) fulfill the need for high quality successful aging service providers, and are regional destinations that implement innovative practices, both within their organization and for the greater community. These are destinations that empower residents and team members to maximize their potential by applying the latest research on successful aging and demonstrating […]

Masterpiece Living Welcomes Ron Guziak to the MPL Speakers Bureau

The Masterpiece Living Speakers Bureau is comprised of leading experts in the field of aging whose presentations are compelling, enlightening and inspiring. Masterpiece Living President, Dr. Roger Landry, and the Director of the Masterpiece Academy, Dr. Rob Winningham, are pleased to welcome Ron Guziak as the newest member of the MPL Speakers Bureau. Ron Guziak has more than 40 years of experience in […]

Motivational Proclamation

Mobility plays a large role in a person’s ability to remain vital and autonomous. Studies suggest that mobility problems are closely linked to falls. But, did you also know there is a connection between mobility problems and feelings of social isolation, depression, chronic illnesses and weight loss? Additionally, mobility restriction has been found to be a predictor of mortality. This […]

Masterpiece Living Welcomes Khristine Rogers as New Chief Operating Officer

Masterpiece Living (MPL) Executive Chairman and CEO, Larry Landry, is proud to announce Khristine Rogers, MFCS as MPL’s new Chief Operating Officer.  Khristine Rogers has nearly 30 years of experience in senior living sales and operations, and as a lifestyle brand and innovation leader. She has served as Masterpiece Living’s Strategic Innovation Advisor since 2016. Rogers is an expert in all […]