Colorado Ranked Among the Happiest and Healthiest Places to Live: Masterpiece Living Knows Why

US News and World Report recently named Colorado as the Best State for Aging based on data collected from reputable sources such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, Genworth Cost of Care Survey, Kaiser Family Foundation, Missouri Economic Research and Information Center, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the United Health Foundation. Boulder, CO […]

Senior Housing Forum on the Problems with Hospitality

Writer and publisher, Steve Moran, recently featured Jill Vitale-Aussem in his article, “Why You Should Quit Focusing on Hospitality.” The article first appeared in Senior Housing Forum on Sept. 12. Jill is a valued member of the Masterpiece Living Speakers Bureau, and spoke about the need for senior living communities to provide opportunities for residents to engage in purposeful living. CLICK HERE […]

National Friendship Day is Aug. 6!

Sunday, Aug. 6 is National Friendship Day. Social connection is critical for our well-being. Masterpiece Living examined all data collected from partner communities in 2016 and separated residents who reported feeling least lonely to those who reported feeling most lonely. These two groups were compared based on all items measures. Here’s what we found… CLICK HERE to read more.

Highlights from Lyceum 2017: The Summit of Change

By: Danielle Palli Residents and team members from more than 80 partner communities gathered in Denver for Lyceum 2017: The Summit of Change. The theme of this year’s Masterpiece Living conference was change … social change and advocacy, the changing landscape of technology, and the changing perspective of older adults and how older adults are regarded in this modern age. […]

What the Heck is a Lyceum?

Steve Moran of Senior Housing Forum joined us for this year’s Masterpiece Living Lyceum: Summit of Change. Following our annual conference, Moran published two articles in SHF. In “What the Heck is a Lyceum?” he gives his initial impression of who Masterpiece Living is and what we provide, to include a look at purposeful living, and the value of staying […]

Masterpiece Living Announces the 2017 Valuing Gray Video Contest Winners!

The Valuing Gray video contest from Masterpiece Living (MPL) was designed to showcase systems for leveraging the talents of older adults. The purpose of these systems is to contribute to the greater good of society. Entrants each submitted a video explaining their process and how it contributes to world change. The top entries were then open to public voting. This year, MPL was proud […]

The April/May 2017 Issue of the Mosaic is Now Available!

Masterpiece Living’s bi-monthly newsletter,  the Mosaic, offers timely and inspiring information about what it means to age successfully and be all that you can be! In this most recent issue, Dr. Roger Landry discusses nutrition and healthy aging and what people in the Blue Zones can tell us about living well. Plus, Edgemere residents, Mr. and Mrs. Simmons share their […]

Four Pointes – Center for Successful Aging Tries Aerial Yoga as Part of “Living It!”

Our friends at the Four Pointes – Center for Successful Aging stepped out of their comfort zones and tried aerial yoga for the first time. The initiative was part of Masterpiece Living’s Living It! campaign, which challenges participants to try new opportunities in the social, intellectual, physical and spiritual components of successful aging. Four Pointes Wellness Director, Jessie Riley, told us: […]