Cathy Lightfoot is an accomplished Senior Living Retirement Consultant with more than 35 years of experience in senior living. Her passion for promoting a high quality of life for retirees led to her recognition as an outstanding leader in Blue Sky, Operational, and Expansion sales and marketing.

Cathy’s career began as a volunteer leading enrichment classes for retirees living in a Lifecare C.C.R.C. in Louisiana. Her love for older adults led to her first step into a lifelong career in the aging field.

As a Recreational Therapist, Cathy began to experience the value of active aging for all levels of living. Cathy’s passion for the enrichment of life for older adults propelled her into a career in Marketing. With more than 22 years of experience in sales (the past 18 years as a Director of Sales and Marketing), Cathy has proven her ability as an effective and well respected team leader and has been honored for her expertise in relationship sales. She has received several awards for her outstanding success in sales, as well as her consistent high level of occupancy for her community.

Cathy attributes her success to her relationship with Masterpiece Living, which began over 15 years ago. Masterpiece Living has given Cathy the platform to encourage retirees to make the choice to age successfully, with purpose and with a passion, for an extraordinary life throughout the retirement years.

Cathy is passionate about sharing the art of living well and aging successfully in this new chapter of life.

Cathy’s Successful Aging topics include:

  • Not Ready Yet? This presentation provides an open discussion on the roadblocks to choosing a new retirement lifestyle, offering peace of mind and the adventure of new beginnings. It addresses overcoming the fear of change and the unknown, and the energizing impact of a new beginning
  • The Art of Aging Well. The art of living well in retirement is more than a bucket list. This presentation offers a discussion about the value of attitude, resilience, purpose, and connections.
  • Life Transitions. Life transitions continually occur in our lives in various ways; a new baby, new job, new home, loss of a loved one, retirement and more. This presentation addresses the  difficulty of adjustment and the value of resilience, attitude, nurturing the soul, and connections, as we move forward.
  • The Maze of Retirement Choices. This presentation focusses on making the right choice for quality of life and peace of mind. It is about choosing the lifestyle you desire with the support you deserve. And, it is definitely a family affair! During this insightful discussion, attendees will take a look at what is important to them and their family members, and includes an analysis of the different senior living contracts offered within their community.
  • Building Blocks for a Successful Sales Team. This presentation addresses the Silver Tsunami and provides an open discussion on the goals and desires of today’s retiree. Attendees will leave with an understanding of the difference between marketing a community and a lifestyle, as well as what it means to age successfully, how to create meaningful dialog, and the value of listening.