Masterpiece Living partners with private clubs. Masterpiece living works with individuals to support continued growth, regardless of age.

Based on emerging research and driven by powerful data-gathering tools, Masterpiece Living has spent the last decade creating environments that allow individuals to live lives of extended physical, intellectual and social capabilities; lives characterized by meaning and purpose and a robustness which allows them to build resilience regardless of life happenings.

The Masterpiece Living comprehensive lifestyle approach allows individuals to identify at risk areas for decline, and supports individuals to craft a strategy to lower those risks and build lifelong resilience to the common causes of limitation.





The MacArthur Foundation’s landmark ten-year Study on Aging confirms that 70% of how we age is directly due to our lifestyle choices.





Masterpiece living helps private clubs of all types turn the science of successful aging into the art of living well.



Click the video below for a short message from Masterpiece Living President, Dr. Roger Landry:

Why private clubs are choosing Masterpiece Living:

  • Offers a platform for current members to remain active and engaged and, in so doing, live better, longer.
  • Helps private clubs stay relevant and attractive for both current members as well as to potential new members.
  • Establishes the club as a local expert on the art of successful aging.
  • Offers data-driven tools and scientifically validated resources that allow members to better identify and achieve their self-determined aging goals.
  • Increases local and national recognition for excellence in service and programming.





What do private clubs get by Partnering with Masterpiece Living?

  • Thirteen Masterpiece Living programs designed to help create and enhance an engaged, successful aging culture.
  • Professional training for team members on life coaching.
  • Lifestyle and Mobility Reviews for all members designed to help everyone track and improve their individual aging journey.
  • Ongoing support from the Masterpiece Living Team and the growing national network of affiliated organizations.
  • Access to highly experienced gerontologists who train team members and provide ongoing support to help members pursue their successful aging journey.
  • Opportunity to earn National recognition for being a center for successful aging.






Why is Masterpiece Living valuable to private clubs?

  • It creates a supportive culture for members to live better and longer.
  • It becomes your competitive advantage.
  • It can help a private club distinguish itself and, in so doing, better attract and retain a full, vibrant and engaged membership.


live long die short bookLearn more about successful aging in Dr. Roger Landry’s ground-breaking book, Live Long, Die Short.

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