Creating a Wellness Framework for the Aging Profession

The International Council on Active Aging (ICAA) recently published the Career Paths for Wellness Professionals white paper as part of their continued effort to create a framework for wellness programs and career paths for those in the active aging industry. As the ICAA points out, unlike many other professions (e.g. law, engineering, etc.) there is a “lack of standardization in defining career titles, career paths, and the delivery of wellness and other programs.” In the document, the ICAA creates a model that outlines the roles and responsibilities of those working in various functions within the aging profession. It also defines what a wellness culture looks like and ways to develop strategies for creating new programs for older adults.

This supports what Masterpiece Living (MPL) has been doing for more than a decade, and validates MPL`s new Center for Successful Aging (CSA), a designation awarded to organizations that have fully integrated a culture of growth and potential, positioning themselves as leaders in the Masterpiece Living network. CSA designation communicates to potential residents that MPL puts values into action through innovative policies and procedures that create a wellness framework which is quickly becoming a new industry standard.

Read the ICAA`s Career Paths for Wellness Professionals white paper.