Lifestyle Growth – A Six Area Journey

It’s now a well research-documented fact that a major determinant of how we age is a lifestyle. So, if we wish to experience a healthy longevity, our focus should indeed be on the choices we make every day. How much we move, continue to learn, stay connected to others and find purpose in our lives matters; so does what we eat, how we sleep, our interactions with the people closest to us, how we view life in general and our lives in particular.

Our lifestyles reflect how much we are engaged in life, whether we continue to grow, and whether we embrace our existence no matter the current circumstances.

Such a journey of lifestyle growth is then complex since we are holistic, single creatures, although there are many aspects to our life and lifestyle. So, any attempt to enrich and measure lifestyles must involve several areas of focus to fully understand and attend to our complexity as humans. At Masterpiece, we have defined these areas of focus as follows:

These six areas of focus come together to build an individual’s Lifestyle Profile. Designed to provide a current snapshot of the individual’s lifestyle and begin a personalized process to enrich it and measure growth, Masterpiece delivers a personal guide for holistic growth through our Lifestyle Profile. Matched with robust content and community programming, the Lifestyle Profile allows for a content journey to healthy longevity, providing a personalized pathway to build and achieve a healthy longevity no matter which phase of life an individual is in.