Podcast E61: The Health-Wealth Connection (Part 1) – An Interview with Certified Financial Planner Kathy McMillan

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Kathy McMillan has nearly 30 years of experience in personal financial management and is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), Registered Financial Planner (RFP), Certified Financial Divorce Specialist (CFDS), and Chartered Investment Manager (CIM®). Kathy is one of the first individuals in Canada to have trained with the Sudden Money Institute in Florida specifically to develop unique skills in order to assist individuals undergoing personal and financial transition and is a Certified Financial Transitionist (CeFT®).

Today’s topic is about The Health-Wealth Connection. In part 1 of this 2-part episode, Kathy discusses how to integrate holistic wellness into the money conversation to understand clients’ needs. Here, she shares examples from her experience that demonstrate ways wellbeing can positively or negatively affect healthy longevity and our finances.

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