Pursuing Healthy Longevity as a Group

Communities that foster social cohesion are powerful places to experience healthy longevity. Such cohesion does not just happen but is the result of deliberate efforts to share experiences. Today‚Äôs new older adults increasingly prefer individual personalized pathways to healthy aging. However, social connection, so important in such journeys, requires regular social interaction, be it recreation, learning, dining, or conversation. 

Masterpiece provides robust opportunities for social exchange with programs and campaigns designed to be off-the-shelf group lifestyle enrichment resources. These practical and action-oriented events build solidarity based on mutual healthy longevity goals, further magnifying a culture of wellbeing. 

Multiple-week campaigns like Living It, Movement Matters, Navigating Together, and Master the Moment offer such opportunities. Programs such as Recharging Resilience, Neurobics, Building Brain Health, Ease the Stress, Unearthing Cultural Wellness, Nourish, Fending Off Falls, and Longevity in Action are only a portion of the multimedia programs ready-to-use by communities wishing to have research-based, up to date, group content. And with this content regularly updated and continually expanding its topics, the community can meet the needs of all members on their road to a healthy longevity.  

Pursuing healthy longevity as a group can be a positive motivator, so with campaigns and programs ready-to-go, communities can provide a wide range of fresh resources for group use.