The 360-Degree Approach to Wellness

Lifestyle is king when it comes to healthy longevity, and the older adult knows this. An activities calendar alone now falls far short of the expectation of the emerging, savvy, older adult. A strategy that provides comprehensive research and evidenced-based content supporting a culture of healthy longevity, is the way to cultivate and inspire the entire wellbeing of any older adult. This strategy takes a 360-degree look across all components of lifestyle:

  1. Individual Growth
  2. A Supportive Environment
  3. Social Engagement 

Our approach provides personalized content for individual growth, team member development to grow a support structure, and programs designed to drive social engagement. 

Individual Growth is supported by providing a personalized, individual-driven process that includes:

  • A user-friendly Lifestyle Profile with holistic areas of focus to include self-related beliefs                                                                   
  • Content responsive to the current moment results of the Lifestyle Profile                                                                                 
  • Continuing content journey support, adjusted as the individual progresses

A Supportive Environment through team member development is essential for an authentic culture of healthy longevity. Team member development not only ensures the culture fully integrates the concepts of wellbeing, but makes certain team members become first-line guides to achieving it. Such enhanced engagement consistently engenders a sense of purpose with an enriched role in achieving the community mission. 

Social Engagement complements both individual-focused content and team member development by providing turn-key opportunities for group lifestyle-enriching experiences. These practical and action-oriented events build solidarity based on mutual healthy longevity goals, further magnifying a culture of wellbeing. 

Continuous data from this 360-degree approach provides a balanced strategy for the healthy longevity of residents and team members, and one most likely to positively affect occupancy and retention.