Your Journey with the Lifestyle Profile

The Lifestyle Profile is the entrance ramp to a rewarding journey of lifestyle growth through a treasury of articles, videos, podcasts, and other resources. This content is personalized to the individual, based on the completion of the Lifestyle Profile. Easily completed in less than ten minutes, the Lifestyle Profile enables the individual to access content matched to individual needs, wherever a person may be in their lifestyle journey. Designed with a holistic 360-degree model, the Lifestyle Profile helps build individual growth across all areas of lifestyle, meeting the older adult where they are in the moment.  

Because the Lifestyle Profile can be repeated at any time, it is sensitive to the changes which we all encounter in our lives, and therefore allows for matching of content to current life circumstances. With holistic, multi-media content cataloged for area of focus and level of knowledge, the content journey is readily seen as personal, reflecting the individual’s needs and preferred method of learning.  

Broken out into six different areas, the Lifestyle Profile considers six Areas of Focus that are critical to achieving healthy longevity: 

The Lifestyle Profile is the necessary first step in a highly personalized, lifestyle growth process. This process is completely self-directed yet supported by the community with a 360-degree approach and a robust understanding of the requirements for an effective and durable lifestyle change, known as Kaizen. The Lifestyle Profile then begins a journey of growth in an environment of supported autonomy.