Dr. Roger Landry Featured on Revolutionize Your Retirement

Dr. Roger LandryMasterpiece Living President, Dr. Roger Landry, was featured on Revolutionize Your Retirement with host Dori Mintzer. In this engaging, conversation-style webcast, Dr. Roger discussed:

  • Ten empowering tips to age successfully
  • Authentic health that we can rediscover from our ancestors
  • The importance of staying socially, intellectually, physically and spiritually engaged with life
  • How to grow new brain tissue and make dementia less likely
  • How to recognize and address personal risks that may limit health and independence
  • How stress “rots us from within”
  • How to never again fail at making healthy lifestyle changes
  • Why our elders are part of the solution to society’s challenges rather than the problem: a resource rather than a liability
  • Changing public policy and how it will affect how we view and treat older adults

For those who missed this interview, CLICK HERE to listen to a replay of yesterday’s webcast, or click the “play” button below. For more insights about successful aging by Dr. Roger, SIGN UP to recieve his bi-weekly Fireside Conversations.