Elim Park’s Summer Challenge Is On!

Dr. Roger Landry does Zumba!“Mastering the Art of Living” is the tagline, and “Why not?” is the question … To inspire residents to challenge themselves, Elim Park Wellness Director, Barbara Womer, asked participants to pick a simple personal goal that could begin and end between July 1 and Labor Day as part of their Summer Challenge. They displayed a large poster where residents could write their goal publicly (names optional) to motivate one another, and they can return to update the poster as they make progress. Dr. Roger Landry plays chessThese goals ranged from exercise challenges, committing to reading daily to learning a new skill – just to name a few. No challenge is too small or too obscure (hence the “why not?). To keep things fun and interesting, they even prepped motivational caricature-like photos of MPL President, Dr. Roger Landry, and displayed them throughout Elim Park. What a great way to put successful aging into practice. (By the way, Dr. Landry says he’s partial to the Zumba photo!)