From Wellness to Transformation

“Before wellness models can truly make a difference, those who work with older adults need to embrace changes themselves,” says ICAA’s founder/CEO Colin Milner in the recent article by Marilynn Larkin, From Wellness to Transformation: Next Steps for Active-Aging Leaders. Milner also discusses how aging stereotypes and fear may hold people back from reaching their potential.

Masterpiece Living President, Dr. Roger Landry, goes on to share the importance of team leaders believing in what they are encouraging others to do. “There’s no way to authentically encourage others unless you believe that it’s possible for everyone – including you – to continue to grow and make meaningful changes at any age, and regardless of challenges.” He encourages people to  break a big goal into smaller, attainable steps. This, he believes, is the way to lasting change. Read more in From Wellness to Transformation.