Hank Mol Makes Walking to Wellness a Reality!

Hank Mol breaks a sweat at the Querencia fitness centerWhen Hank Mol’s blood sugar levels inched him dangerously close to a type 2 diabetes diagnosis, he knew something had to change. At 81 years of age, he confessed, “I wasn’t too happy when the doctor told me I had prediabetes, especially since I considered myself to be fairly healthy. It was the wakeup call I needed to do more and pay a little bit more attention to my body.”

The Masterpiece Living Walk to Wellness month-long campaign at Querencia at Barton Creek (a Senior Quality Lifestyles Corporation), came at the perfect time. Querencia, where Hank is a resident, is a Masterpiece Living partner and a Center for Successful Aging. The initiative is designed to maintain awareness about staying active, and participants track their steps over the duration of one month using pedometers. Hank, who is naturally competitive, hit the ground running (literally!) the first day of the competition. Doctors outline a 10,000-step-a-day guideline that people should strive for to remain healthy – so he walked 17,000. By the time Walk to Wellness ended, Hank had accumulated 520,221 steps – equivalent to about 260 miles.

The biggest surprise of all? When Hank followed up with his doctor after the campaign, he learned that he was no longer prediabetic, and his other health-related numbers had also improved.

“My doctor and I were very pleased with my results,” Hank said. “It’s one thing to feel better about myself, but to know that the walking I did literally improved my overall health was very satisfying.”

Congratulations, Hank!