Highlights From the Sixth Annual MPL Lyceum

Masterpiece Living® (MPL), a successful aging initiative, which maximizes the potential of older adults, held its Sixth Annual Lyceum at the Worthington Renaissance Fort Worth Hotel in early April. The Lyceum, named after the location of Aristotle`s Athenian school of philosophy, is known for its thought-provoking speakers, and innovative, actionable ideas. There were more than 200 attendees from 79 partner organizations representing 26 states this year.

Highlights From This Year`s Event:      

Aging expert Dr. David Gobble (Author and Director of the MPL Academy), discussed strategies for making personal and professional changes that would increase our “brain bandwidth.” Kay Van Norman (Author and Founder of Brilliant Aging) gave attendees a dose of power training at any age in her fitness workshop. John Spooner (Vice Chairman and CEO of Greystone Communities, Inc.) gave a thought provoking presentation, which challenged all to get ready for the new knowledgeable, and health-minded older adult. Jeff Glaze (Senior VP and COO of American Baptist Homes of the West) told of the significant return on investment (ROI) his organization reaped with its focus on the health and successful aging of residents and staff. And Jim Bernardo (COO of Presbyterian Senior Living) and Cathy Lightfoot (Director of Sales and Marketing at The Buckingham in Houston) emphasized that ROI means more than just financial return, but it also involves measuring the effectiveness of person-centered service and improving competency in resident empowerment. And, Mayor of Ft. Worth, Betsy Price presented an energetic plan to keep Ft. Worth moving, eating better, getting socially connected, and becoming a place where people age in a better way.

Keynote from Dr. Roger Landry:        

Masterpiece Living President and author of the book Live Long, Die Short: A Guide to Authentic Health and Successful AgingDr. Roger Landry gave a keynote that challenged retirement organizations to create the kind of community that we`d all like to live in by making them places that are “Whole-istic.” With that, Dr. Landry stated that healthcare laws are moving toward prevention, and asked that organizations make a radical shift – focusing on risk assessment, prevention and the demonstration of how to build resiliency through initiatives such as Masterpiece Living, which emphasizes staying socially, spiritually, intellectually and physically challenged.

The Executive Round Table:

Leaders in the aging field gathered for the first Executive Round Table to discuss how to benefit the new retiree, who is living healthier and longer, experiencing several phases of life within their retirement years. Robert Kramer (Founder and president of National Investment Centers for the Senior Housing & Care Industry) stated during the discussion that “data is the great equalizer” and stressed that new retiree requires transparency and real time feedback.

The Discussion Included:

  1. How to offer an engaging, enriching and customized living environment for the ever-evolving consumer.
  2. How to create a financial model for the Boomer population.
  3. How to create alternate care plans that focus on recovery, prevention and building resiliency.
  4. Ways to embrace new technology and use it to provide better care and measurable results.

If you missed this year`s Masterpiece Living Lyceum, next year`s conference will be held in Florida in April of 2015.