The MacArthur Foundation Study on Aging

The large volume of research beginning with the MacArthur Foundation Study on Aging has clearly demonstrated that much more is possible as we age. We at Masterpiece Living are passionate about realizing those possibilities for all.

The landmark ten-year study by the MacArthur Foundation shattered the stereotypes of aging. We know that 70% of physical aging, and about 50% of mental aging, is determined by lifestyle…the choices we make every day. Rather than being a process of steady decline, aging can be a time of growth if we maintain our physical and mental skills, reduce our risk for disease and injury, and stay productive and engaged with life.

successful aging

For more than 14 years, we have brought this research to life and have worked directly with industry leaders and experts, including Dr. Robert Kahn, co-author of Successful Aging. Click here to watch Dr. Kahn talk about Masterpiece Living. Today, as a result of continuous development and evolution, we are partnered with over 65 organizations and are committed to creating a better aging experience for all.

LLDS no backgroundDr. Roger Landry and the Authentic Health Movement

Dr. Roger Landry, President of Masterpiece Living, is the author of Live Long Die Short: A Guide for Authentic Health and Successful Aging. With a rich, conversational style, Live Long, Die Short gives us a deeper understanding of what it takes to be authentically healthy, of the profound negative effects of modern day stress, and our need to nurture all aspects of our magnificent human nature.

In Part I, Dr. Landry takes the reader on a journey that goes deeply to the very roots of what it takes for we humans to be healthy and to age in a better way. Using that as a foundation, he reviews the research on aging which affirms that how we age is mostly determined by lifestyle, the choices we make every day.

He then gives the reader an opportunity to take a snapshot of her own current lifestyle and provides feedback which can guide the reader through Part II, a treasure trove of practical advice on achieving health which is rooted in our basic needs as a species … authentic health … and with that, successful aging.

In Part III, Dr. Landry challenges the reader to respond to the moral imperative that comes with knowing that authentic health and successful aging is achievable by all. Using the story of the development of Masterpiece Living, Dr. Landry provides us with the response of the Masterpiece Team to this moral imperative.

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