Masterpiece Living is More Than Just a Wellness Program…

It`s a cultural approach to successful aging based on the belief that more is possible as we age. With researched-based initiatives that build a more satisfied community, the end result is more satisfied residents and associates with lower risks for decline. Masterpiece Living is the MacArthur Foundation Study on Aging brought to life, offering trademarked tools and techniques that measure and inspire aging community culture.

iconmonstr-pie-chart-2-icon-256 MEASUREMENT TOOLS

Measure Successful Aging for residents and associates with research-based, piloted and validated tools. Each participant receives customized reports that track their progress over time, and compare results to guidelines in current research and national norms. A mix of self-reported and objective measures, the Masterpiece Living Reviews assess physical health, social engagement, meaning and purpose, intellectual challenge, health risks and mobility. Personalized reports and the follow up process are designed to empower individuals in making positive lifestyle choices.

iconmonstr-bar-chart-4-icon-256 OUTCOME TRACKING

Track Organizational outcomes and create successful aging benchmarks that measure the engagement of your population and the successful aging culture. Utilize the aggregate measurement to track overall health and target specific needs. Establish Core Measures of Masterpiece Living that assess and provide standards of evolving your successful aging culture.


iconmonstr-map-2-icon-256 INTEGRATION ROAD MAP

Customize a process and a strategic approach designed to continually engage leadership, associates and residents. The Integration Process provides the platform to unite and coordinate already-existing initiatives while helping to expand services offered.

iconmonstr-book-20-icon-256 PROGRAMS

Facilitate the Programs by Masterpiece, research-based and piloted programs that support a culture of successful aging. Representing over 650 hours of development, these nine programs can be implemented as a short-term campaign or seamlessly integrated into existing programs.


iconmonstr-computer-4-icon-256 RESOURCES

Access the Masterpiece Living secure website for reports, programs, best practices, materials, training modules, newsletter articles and other resources that maximize your efficiency in delivering high quality initiatives.

iconmonstr-target-3-icon-256 POSITIONING & BRANDING

Gain Access to messaging, materials, marketing events, education and presentations that articulate and demonstrate the advantage of being a Masterpiece Living partner community. Use the Masterpiece Living measurement, programs and resources to attract and retain future clientele.


iconmonstr-trophy-5-icon-256 EDUCATION & TRAINING

Through the Masterpiece Academy, receive comprehensive education for community leaders, all associates and older adults. Training modules, resources, E-Academy Videos and supportive programs are designed to engage all associates and older adults in the movement of successful aging.

iconmonstr-network-2-icon-256CONNECTION TO A NATIONAL NETWORK

Join the growing Partner Network of organizations who are part of the successful aging movement. Masterpiece Living provides you with access to best practices in programming, wellness, sales and marketing, and strategic planning through calls, webinars, an extensive website of resources and an annual Lyceum.