Join the Successful Aging Movement! (Make Your Voices Heard)

By: Dr. Roger Landry

For over ninety-nine percent of the time we humans have walked the earth we lived in small groups: closely connected and with a common purpose. This cooperation made us powerful, allowed us to survive, and it made a difference that alone we could never make.

Recently in our history, just some 250 years ago, that all changed. We are living longer, but that longevity is not guaranteed to be of high quality or function.

We now know that we can age in a better way than those who came before us. We’ve learned from robust research that our lifestyle … the choices we make every day … are the major determinant of how we age. We also know that there are barriers in our society that make it difficult for all to reap the benefits of the what we have learned about the importance of our lifestyle choices.

It is time for us to remove those societal barriers, for all! 
Masterpiece Living has partnered with Countable in order to provide a platform for us to add power to the Successful Aging Movement; for us to come together as our ancestors did, to do more together than any of us could do alone.

Whether for each of us to age in a better way, support others on the same journey, find purpose and meaning in contributing to the greater good, influence public policy and end ageism, the Successful Aging in Action center will connect you with like-minded people who want their voices heard to make the aging journey better for all.