Let it Ripple Character Day – September 26, 2018

We encourage your community to join the MPL team and over 130,000 groups across 150 countries participating in Character Day on September 26.

Organized by the nonprofit, Let it Ripple, Character Day is one of several initiatives supported by Let it Ripple’s mission to “use film, technology, discussion materials, and live and virtual events to engage people in conversation and action around complicated subjects that are shaping our lives.”

A multitude of free-resources are available to support individuals and groups of all sizes in this exploration of Character. The format provided allows for customization of your experience on September 26 and/or throughout the year.

Click here to view the 80-second video on Character Day.

Here are some ways to incorporate Character Day:

  • Let people know that they can discover their best qualities through a 15-minute scientific survey of character strengths. Click here for survey.
  • Offer a schedule of short movie/video clips in your theatre throughout the day, September 26. Invite residents, team members, family and/or the greater community.
  • Access the Education Resource Hub containing 5,000+ curated resources to help develop character year-round.
  • Select live topic presenters from around the world to highlight and view on September 26 (listed on website).
  • Post the website links throughout the community so individuals can search what is of interest to them.
  • Ask your Resident Council to determine best ways to share the information across the community and lead this initiative.
  • Use discussion guides to ask questions and share conversation of character qualities at team meetings.
  • Use these resources on September 26 and/or throughout the year.