Master-PEACE Living at Friendship Village (a Resident Report)

Chloris Wendt is a long-time resident of Friendship Village of Bloomington, a Masterpiece Living Center for Successful Aging in Bloomington, MN. Below, she writes about the positive experiences she, her husband (Harry), and other residents have had at their community, and the support they are receiving during the Covid-19 pandemic…



Resident’s Report; April-May, 2020 – Submitted by Chloris Wendt       

Perhaps this Report should have been headlined Master Peace-living during the period of this totally unexpected, worldwide pandemic interruption to (Masterpiece) living. After all, it has no regard for rank, nations, government, locale, or age. Talk about changing the course of history, or culture, in a moment of time…

Many times – as an ‘older’ person – I have contemplated the capacity of society to cope with a national emergency such as – “How would society cope if the ‘Grid went down?'”  But I never anticipated a challenge of this type or magnitude.

So, it is with all the more amazement, gratitude, and – at my age – a sense of real peace, that I, and countless others, regard our staff of Masterpiece Living champions (every one of them) … exceptional in kindness, dedication, safeguards, and fortitude.

To have navigated this unknown territory against an unseen enemy, with the least amount of ‘damage’ is a triumph, for attention to detail is a priority. And to do it with enduring love is the greatest gift of all. For all of which we are deeply grateful.

Meanwhile, we have a cheerful room-service of healthy meals (berry fruits build up our immune systems, for instance) and gift packs in our door-boxes from our exceptional Culinary Team.

How encouraging are the leaders of our Fitness Team through their efficiently configured TV presentations? Our own Channel VI presents our daily and important notices and announcements, punctuated with exercises, information, or brief to longer videos in consideration of our Intellectual, Physical, and Spiritual needs and capacities. Kudos to the production team, including the scouts and those who make choices on behalf of each and every one of us. We are, one must admit, something of a ‘fruit salad’ of types and tastes.

Imagine the extra care necessary in our Health Center. Jenny Barlow (our remarkable Program Lead) has drawn your attention to our dedicated Health Care teams. I have treasured a piece of Wisdom for years, “Don’t tell me how to serve. Show me!” Here, in Friendship Village of Bloomington (FVB), it is manifest.

Meanwhile, there are those who safeguard us day and night – the silent giants who sustain the function and standard of our village and its grounds, or are prepared to answer the beck and call of inhabitants from a different era.

Really, for each of us, behind every FVB service are the smiling faces, reassuring voices, loyalty, and sacrifice of its team-members. We are truly blessed.