About the Academy: Healthy Aging Experts

The Masterpiece Academy brings cutting edge information on successful aging to all audiences and is dedicated to keeping its partners current and informed.

The field of aging is changing rapidly, and the science of healthy aging is growing exponentially. In response to this changing science, the Masterpiece Academy was formed to provide expert guidance, research and education. The Academy educators are recognized leaders from the academic, health and business fields that include preventive medicine, gerontology, data and research, senior-living development and operations, geriatric nursing, social psychology, exercise physiology, finance, sales and marketing, and social services.

The Masterpiece Academy is an entity dedicated to expert guidance in the field of effective aging. Under the direction of Dr. Rob Winningham, PhD, the Academy offers research and programming updates, the development and management of research projects, continuing-education curriculum, and in-depth training on successful aging concepts for organizations and individuals.

Functions of the Academy: Bringing Aging Research to Life

  • Speaker`s Bureau presentations at industry events and Masterpiece Living Partner organizations.
  • Periodic webinars available to all audiences on subjects related to Successful Aging.
  • Education and training for all staff and residents/members of Masterpiece Living Partner organizations including in-person training, E-Academy training modules, and monthly webinars.
  • Continuing Education Opportunities for Masterpiece Living Partner organizations.
  • Annual Lyceum, a partner-only event for Masterpiece Living Partner organizations, a place for sharing innovative ideas, learning, networking, and experiencing Successful Aging.
  • Data Analysis of the growing body of Successful Aging measures collected by Masterpiece Living and its partner organizations.
  • Programs by Masterpiece, education-based, high quality campaigns for all individuals at your organization.