Masterpiece Living® Awards Participants of the Network-Wide Living It!® Event and Launches Movement Matters®.

Masterpiece Living® (MPL) is well-known as an authority in the senior living profession for its successful aging initiatives and ongoing work with more than 80 partner organizations nationwide. Recently, MPL launched two network-wide campaigns: Living It!® and Movement Matters®.

Living It!®
Living It logo smallLiving It!® is a four-week campaign designed to inspire and challenge people to try new pursuits in the four components of wellness: Physical, Social, Intellectual and Spiritual. By the time the Living It!® challenge wrapped up this Spring, the network had collectively tried 1759 new things. MPL awarded four of its partner communities for their creativity, inspiration, participation and ability to create an inclusive event for all levels of living. This year, Plymouth Village, The Barrington of Carmel, Meridian Village and Grandview Terrace all took home awards.

ABHOW’s Plymouth Village was honored with the Living It! SIPS Champs Award for the most participation and the Creative Theme Award for their Gilligan’s Island-themed event, where seven teams were formed to represent each of the main characters of the show. It’s no surprise that the community hosted a luau at the end to celebrate their success.

The Barrington of Carmel (an SQLC community) also received two awards: Most New Things Tried (808 in total) and No Limits. Their Bocce Ball tournament inspired an Italian-born resident to try it for the first time. Despite his visual impairments, he made it to the quarter-finals, proving that there really are “no limits” to what we can accomplish.

Meridian Village (Lutheran Senior Services) took home the Most New Things Per Participant Award, where team members and residents averaged five or more new endeavors each. And, Grandview Terrace (Sun Health) received the Inspiration Award. Their team captured our hearts when they signed up for a Fun Run event that included six family members spanning three generations (ages 6-57). One team member lives with Muscular Dystrophy, and yet this didn’t stop him from completing the race with his family.

Movement Matters®
On thMM logoe heels of Living It!® comes Movement Matters®, a month-long campaign centered on increased movement and overall wellbeing. Research tells us that a sedentary lifestyle puts us at greater risk for heart disease, some cancers, type 2 diabetes, stroke, bone loss, dementia, and a host of other chronic conditions. The goal of Movement Matters® is to motivate individuals to move more and sustain that increased movement throughout the year. Movement Matters® will run through May, and the network will be competing for the enviable Silver Sneaker Award.

“Initiatives like Living It and Movement Matters give communities a unique opportunity to offer more than just a standard wellness program,” Dr. Roger Landry, President of Masterpiece Living® and author of Live Long, Die Short: A Guide to Authentic Health and Successful Aging said. “At Masterpiece Living, we inspire people to recognize their potential by integrating not just one of the components that result in a better successful aging experience – but all of them.”