Masterpiece Living Featured in a 42-Page Senior Housing News Special Report for its Expertise in Measuring Wellness

The senior living industry boasts of its multimillion dollar wellness programs; but which ones are worth it? Senior Housing News (SHN) recently released a 42-page report featuring new research proving that measuring wellness can result in significant return on investment (ROI) for health care providers and organizations. In this special report, SHN illustrates how Masterpiece Living (MPL) is leading the way in its wellness approach and measurement tools. It also highlights Lifespace Communities and Presbyterian Senior Living (PSL), two MPL organizations known for implementing a successful wellness program across 14 of their collective communities.


Lifespace Communities
Lifespace Communities, who are working with MPL to become Certified Centers for Successful Aging (CSAs) by 2020, reported greater than 50% participation during their Masterpiece Living pilot in an industry that typically has a benchmark of only 30% participation from residents. They were also recognized for their intergenerational and resident-led programming, as well as creating a culture of successful aging that positively impacts residents and team members alike.


Presbyterian Senior Living (PSL)
After re-examining its wellness approach, PSL began working with MPL to create a unified system of measurement across communities – the decision due to MPL’s expertise in its wellness offerings. “…the metrics have positively impacted our marketing, which certainly impacts our income,” PSL Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Jim Bernardo, told SHN.


MPL’s Approach to Measuring Wellness
SHN cited MPL’s ability to introduce wellness principles to its senior living partners and work closely with them to develop metrics that show data outcomes for their residents. “We have created very specific tools and resources to help integrate successful aging into the culture of the organizations,” Neal Miller, Senior Partnerships and Outcomes Specialist for Masterpiece Living said. “Successful aging is not a program. It’s not one person’s job. It has to be everybody’s job.”


MPL partner communities set their own goals and encourage residents to take Mobility and Lifestyle reviews to identify opportunities for growth. Customized feedback reports are then shared with residents, out of which an action plan is developed. “We are very data-driven in helping communities make decisions based upon facts and outcomes,” MPL President and award-winning author of Live Long, Die Short: A Guide to Authentic Health and Successful Aging, Dr. Roger Landry, shared.


Return on Investment
MPL was also recognized for its ability to demonstrate a direct correlation between reducing risk of injury (such as from a fall) through wellness programming and a dramatic decrease in expenses. “We know there is a dollar value you can associate with a single fall,” Miller told SHN. “Once we crunched the numbers, we found that one community saved $500,000. For that entire organization, they had saved roughly one million dollars.”


To read the entire report, visit Senior Housing News to purchase a copy of Insights and the Future of Wellness in Senior Living.