Masterpiece Living Through the Eyes of One Acacia Creek Resident

Recently, Wilma Grice, an Acacia Creek resident, wrote an article defining Masterpiece Living, and what it means to those at her community. Here, she illustrates the four components of successful aging, explains the meaning of gerotranscendence, and describes how positive thinking and a healthy lifestyle can make a difference…


Acacia Creek is partnered with Masterpiece Living, LLC. We ask “what is Masterpiece Living?” It is a team of highly qualified industry leaders and experts (including doctors and the Mayo Clinic) that have been brought together to offer a philosophy for and cutting edge research into aging successfully. It encourages its partners to shape their communities around four diMPL Rollout (50)(01-23-11)mensions of a balanced life – social, physical, intellectual, and spiritual.

Through Masterpiece Living, Acacia Creek has access to the volumes of new research, studies and surveys on aging. There are hundreds of words that can be included in an article on aging. One of my favorite words is gerotranscendence – the idea that as people age, they transcend limited views of life they held in earlier years. It has been proven that the way we age is only predestined by a maximum 30% of our genetics and heredity. The balance of our aging journey is determined by the lifestyle we choose.

We here at Acacia Creek have lived through the terrible two’s, our teenage years, early adulthood with our careers and possibly raising a family, and, of course, the mid-life crisis years. Surely we can handle “successful aging”. It is both subjective (how we view our state of aging) and objective (how we view physical disease-related disability and mental decline). Our aging process is modifiable at any age! I read the following quote somewhere, don’t know where but I believe it. “Our body believes what our mind perceives.”

How we age is our own individual choice. Our directors and management team have worked to provide assistance with our choices. Social: we have many social events as well as dining with different people and discussing a variety of subjects. Also we are offered outings every month. Physical: we have leadership for pool exercises, a professional kinesiologist to work with us in the gym, and outdoor games at the event center on the hill. We are encouraged to walk daily. Intellectual: speakers on a variety of subjects are brought in, we have many books in our library as well as daily newspapers. We have internet and assistance with our computers. And, of course, there is always listening to the knowledge of our fellow residents. Spiritual: which is very individual. It is much more than religion and includes the deepest values by which we live. I believe that love and compassion are the mainstay of spiritual development. Other things come to mind such as enjoying the beauty of nature that surrounds us here on our hill, listening to music, and transcendental meditation. Living here also requires harmony and tolerance.

Many have searched for the “Fountain of Youth” and as yet it has not been found. So our best bet for a long life is a healthy lifestyle, positive thinking, and good relationships

We can fit all of the components of successful aging into the title of Johnny Mercer’s song that has been recorded by many vocal artists, “Accentuate the Positive; Eliminate the Negative.”

~Wilma Grice

Note: In the above photo, Wilma Grice is the second MPL champion from the right.