Mike Greenly has a B.A. in English Literature from Duke University and an M.B.A. with Distinction in Marketing/International Marketing from NYU. His corporate career includes work in educational publishing at Scholastic Inc., then being a Brand Manager at Lever Brothers and ultimately becoming the youngest V.P. in the history of Avon Products, Inc. When he left to pursue his entrepreneurial and writing interests, Avon was the world’s no. 1 beauty company.

Since leaving corporate life, Mike has re-invented himself several times. As an online pioneer, Mike was featured in TIME magazine in 1985 as “planet earth’s first interactive electronic journalist.” At the request of his physician – back when AIDS was a mysterious and deadly disease – Mike conducted a series of interviews eventually published as CHRONICLE: The Human Side of AIDS. He also contributed four chapters to The CHANGE self-empowerment book series.

Today he’s a speechwriter, PowerPoint guru, speech coach and motivational speaker. He’s also a lyricist, having written songs in the country, choral and pop genres while earning 10 Billboard-charted Dance Club hits, including four that reached no. 1. He’s the author of “Our Great Virginia” – which became the state’s official anthem in 2015. Mike is especially proud of a song he wrote with American Roots artist, Grant Maloy Smith, which combats ageism. With a focus on seniors and their ongoing relevance and importance, the song is called, “I See You”.


Keynote address – older adults

  • Finding Your Purpose TODAY! Older adults are often under-estimated and made to feel “invisible.” This presentation by an elder, himself, shares insights from his multiple careers as corporate exec and Fortune 500 VP, psychotherapist, speechwriter, speech coach and award-winning songwriter. This presentation will help attendees ponder and get in touch with their own greatest satisfactions at THIS stage in their lives … learning to maximize and further ignite their passions and satisfactions – reasons to get out of bed with motivation every morning. Includes audience interaction.

Workshops for professional development

  • Stage Presence with Greater Impact & Comfort. Fear of public speaking tops death and spiders as the nation’s no. 1 phobia, shared by about three-quarters of us … including many C Suite professionals. Mike Greenly learned to overcome his own dread, becoming the youngest VP in the history of Avon Products – then the world’s no. 1 leader in Beauty and Direct Selling. He has since revealed these (simple!) secrets to execs and teams from ExxonMobil, Roche Pharmaceuticals and more, helping them discover new power and comfort in public speaking. These easy-to-use techniques will be helpful for any speaker or presenter in Aging Services.
  • Effective One-on-One Sales CommunicationsSuccess in many business pursuits – e.g., a sales rep calling on customers – depends on influencing another’s point of view. Drawing on proven research about quadrants of the human brain, Mike Greenly has helped leaders and team-members of global corporations learn to deliver their messages with greater impact and better results. The trick is to consciously adjust one’s communications style for greater impact with a given listener. This thought-provoking presentation will be helpful to sales and marketing professionals seeking to convey the advantages of retirement community living to individuals and/or couples.