Movement Matters: Secrets for a Successful Event

Did You Know? According to research from the Mayo Clinic, taking a daily walk can strengthen your bones and muscles; improve balance; help prevent heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes; support weight loss goals; and give you a greater sense of well-being. Masterpiece Living is pleased to bring you reliable health information and tools from the Mayo Clinic. Visit to remain current on their latest finding about the benefits of walking and other health tips.

With that in mind … it’s that time of year again! Movement Matters™ kicks off September 1, 2017. Movement Matters™ is a month-long campaign that encourages each of us to simply move more, and move with purpose.

Last year, we asked Masterpiece Living communities to share their secrets for a successful event. Here are some of the tips they offered:

Be creative in how you move. Kneading dough is movement too!

Be inclusive. Involve as many people as possible: family, friends, residents from other levels of living, local clubs, schools, as well as the greater community.

Choose fun themes. For example, try highlighting a different decade of music each week, creating a scavenger hunt or discovery walk.

Remember, clever titles go a long way (e.g. “Walk & Roll”).

Team up. Join a local group or cause to fundraise and spread awareness (e.g. the YMCA, health department, park & rec system, etc.).

Celebrate Movement. Create an eye-catching visual where participants can track their progress. Last year, friends at Meridian Village built a giant scale where teams could drop a marble on one side of the scale for each ½ hour of movement. Don’t let the other team tip the scale on you!

Stay Motivated. Hang up a sign that reads, “I move for _______!”

Keep the Movement Alive. Continue the momentum after Movement Matters has ended with walking groups and other ongoing events.

Best wishes on your 2017 Movement Matters™ campaign! Remember to reach out to your Masterpiece Living Coordinator to learn more about how to participate and/or lead an event.

NOTE: This Program by Masterpiece is offered exclusively to Masterpiece Living Partners. To find out more about a partnership with Masterpiece Living, Contact Clark Lyons HERE