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  • Did You Know? According to research from the Mayo Clinic, taking a daily walk can strengthen your bones and muscles; improve balance; help prevent heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes; support weight loss goals; and give you a greater sense of well-being. Masterpiece Living is pleased to bring you reliable health information […]

  • Sunday, Aug. 6 is National Friendship Day. Social connection is critical for our well-being. Masterpiece Living examined all data collected from partner communities in 2016 and separated residents who reported feeling least lonely to those who reported feeling most lonely. These two groups were compared based on all items measures. Here’s what we found… CLICK HERE […]

  • By: Dr. Roger Landry If you knew that standing on one leg while brushing your teeth could help prevent you from falling, resulting in a serious injury, would you do it? I know one woman who does just that. By standing on one leg while brushing her teeth, she is programming better balance in her […]

  • By Danielle Palli “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” Lifestyle Director, Vivian Dunn told us. In this instance, she’s referring to Howard Coleman, a resident at the Buckingham at Houston (a Masterpiece Living partner and Certified Center for Successful Aging). At first glance, Howard’s long white hair and beard, coupled with his serious expression […]

  • Masterpiece Living is excited to launch the inaugural Brain Health University Virtual Course TODAY! This 8-unit course is led by Dr. Rob Winningham (Dr. Rob), leading brain expert and full Professor and Chair of the Psychology Division at Western Oregon University. Topics include ways to maximize memory, how to enhance executive functioning in the brain, the role […]