Stressed Out? Here’s What You Can Do About It.

By: Dr. Roger Landry, MD, MPH An antelope will run from an attacking lion and do it with more speed and strength than he normally might have. This amazing “Fight or Flight” response is something that humans, and all mammals, share. It is hardwired into our very DNA. In this “do or die” scenario, our bodies will produce epinephrine, cortisol and norepinephrine, substances that will give us […]

Veterans Day 2021

By: Dr. Roger Landry, MD, MPH In a perfect world, there would be no need for a military. In a less than perfect world, there would be a military but it would never be used. In an imperfect world, we would use the military, but only when all else failed. And then there’s our world, where we send our young […]

Seeing Happy

Created based on the findings from Positive Psychology, Seeing Happy is dedicated to helping people “celebrate and spread the good stuff.” The website features happiness-inspired photos from professional and casual photographers alike, encouraging visitors to explore and submit their own photos that inspire awe, gratitude, hope, humor, beauty, and appreciation. As we countdown to Thanksgiving with our #MasterTheMoment2021 campaign, we […]

Dear Diary: The Benefits of Journaling and the Lost Art of Letter Writing (Part three of a three-part series on Creativity)

By: Cera Meintzer and Danielle Palli Journaling Can Build a Bridge (Cera’s Personal Story) A good friend and I had pregnancies 12 months apart. They were second pregnancies for us both, we had first kids almost the same age. My friend decided to keep a journal about the first year of her son’s life and the trials, tribulations, and joys […]

Creativity & Finding Your Flow

By: Cera Meintzer and Danielle Palli  Danielle’s First Lesson in Creativity…   Growing up, there were two camps in my first-grade art class, those who would become the future Georgia O’Keeffe’s, Leonardo da Vinci’s and Frank Lloyd Wright’s of the world … and me. These would-be painters, sculptures and architects were masters at putting pasta to paper and paper weaving […]

Overcoming Age Segregation

Into the 19th century in America, older and younger people often learned and worked side-by-side, and multigenerational households were the norm. But as we moved into a more industrialized world in the 20th century, we began to segregate young and old in all areas of life. In today’s society, how can young people understand what it means to age well […]


How important is walkability to you? Walkability provides more than just physical health. Higher walkability scores in towns are linked to a neighborhood experiencing greater economic wellbeing. Walkable places also feature more access to arts organizations and more opportunities for civic engagement and greater social connection. But what makes a place “walkable?” CLICK HERE to learn more in the article, […]


These in-depth interviews of Alaska Native Elders provide keen insight into the theory of gerotranscendence and healthy longevity. Those who embraced their role as a community elder “prioritized self-reflection, and intentionally took on the role of sharing life experiences with community members. They also shared stories that emphasized cultural traditions and values and felt a stronger connection to the land, […]