500 Words

By: Dr. Roger Landry (Originally printed in the Winter 2020 Masterpiece Mosaic) I have no illusions. I know that in 500 words, I cannot begin to assuage the widespread negative effects of the Covid 19 assault on our lives. I cannot correct the sense of profound isolation we feel from the rest of our species, with the ever-present and necessary […]

Clermont Park Featured in “Health & Social Work” Following Study

Clermont Park, a Masterpiece Partner and Center for Successful Aging, was featured in a study that evaluated the effects of an intergenerational lifelong learning initiative as a way to decrease ageist attitudes in social work students. They also discuss the supportive role Masterpiece plays in the overall culture at Clermont Park. Read more: To learn more about this study, […]

Veterans Day 2020

In a perfect world, there would be no need for a military. In a less than perfect world, there would be a military but it would never be used. In an imperfect world, we would use the military, but only when all else failed. And then there’s our world, where we send our young men and women into harm’s way, […]

Masterpiece Living Recognizes Acacia Creek for Their Dedication to GEMS Leadership Coaching

Masterpiece Living (MPL) recognizes Acacia Creek Retirement Community for becoming the first MPL partner and Center for Successful Aging (CSA) to have their entire leadership team trained in GEMS coaching. GEMS (Growth, Empowerment, Meaning, Support) coach training is a Masterpiece Living healthy longevity coaching style based on a philosophy of support. A supportive culture uses coaching language and concepts that encourage residents and team members to recognize […]

American Seniors Housing Association and Masterpiece Living Team to Help Senior Living Organizations

Covid-19 has hit the senior living industry hard – financially and operationally. The media’s portrayal of this disease’s prevalence within communities has tarnished the industry’s image and created an additional source of hesitation for the consumer. The American Seniors Housing Association (ASHA) and Masterpiece Living (MPL) have teamed up to develop a Where You Live Matters video series of complimentary webinars that […]

Transformation: Prose, Poetry and Other Thoughts

By: Danielle Palli  Dee Deeter has always lived a life of service. As a former RN, she spent two years in Japan as a surgical nurse in the Air Force. She remembers having saved at least three lives to date (though we suspect it was many more than this). She doesn’t shy away from trouble. She looks for ways to lend a hand. Recently, Dee learned that many […]

How Will You Master the Moment in 2020?

THIS NOVEMBER: #MasterTheMoment2020  ***** Master the Moment is a new campaign by Masterpiece Living that encourages and challenges participants to capture the small moments that bring them joy and gratitude. By being mindful and embracing small moments, we learn to appreciate every aspect of life, no matter how large or small, allowing us to positively impact our health and wellbeing. […]

Masterpiece Living and Three AgeWell Living Communities Form Strategic Partnership

Masterpiece Living (MPL), a leader in the senior living industry dedicated to individual holistic health and wellbeing for longevity and vitality of life, is proud to have partnered with three AgeWell Living communities (beginning Aug. 1, 2020):  The Crossings at Eastchase (Montgomery, AL)  The Crossings at Ironbridge (Chester, VA)  The Chamberlin (Hampton, VA) According to a national study conducted by Age Wave in collaboration with Merrill Lynch, […]