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  • Experts from Masterpiece Living, a multi-specialty group that has spent more than 20 years providing guidance on aging science and living with passion, purpose and growth, have teamed up for a new podcast focusing on lifestyle and longevity. Dr. Roger & Friends: The Bright Side of Longevity features award-winning author and expert in the field of aging, Dr. […]

  • Masterpiece Living, a multi-specialty group who has spent more than 20 years partnering with organizations nationwide to provide expert guidance in aging science and living with passion, purpose and growth, has teamed with chart-topping singer-songwriters Grant Maloy Smith and Mike Greenly on a challenge to stamp out ageism. “I heard a group of older adults […]

  • Masterpiece Living designated five new Centers for Successful Aging in 2019. Centers for Successful Aging (CSA) recipients have incorporated all of the criteria set by a team of longevity experts, to include: leadership trained in successful aging, data-driven decision making, active coaching and team member successful aging initiatives. A landmark, decade-long study by the MacArthur Foundation revealed that 70% of physical […]

  • After six years of the popular Fireside Conversations, MPL President, Dr. Roger Landry, brings this newsletter to a close to make way for exciting changes in 2020! Dr. Roger, along with team members Teresa Beshwate and Danielle Palli, join forces for a new podcast and newsletter about the Bright Side of Longevity. READ MORE

  • Masterpiece Living Partner, Presbyterian Senior Living, was recently featured in BOSS magazine, and recognized for being best in class. They mentioned Masterpiece Living’s support in enhancing their culture and unparalleled resident experience. “[Masterpiece Living has] been a tremendous partner for us in improving how we are able to look at wellness from a different perspective and measure […]