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  • By: Dr. Roger Landry  I remember the first time I took my grandchildren out stargazing on our roof. My oldest grandson, Jackson, was all wide-eyed. “This is so cool! It’s just like the planetarium!” For him, the planetarium was his first exposure to a night sky not diminished by light pollution. From then on, I […]

  • MPL president Dr. Roger Landry was recently interviewed by Patricia Raskin of the Patricia Raskin Show. In case you missed this popular episode, CLICK HERE to listen to the replay!

  • Masterpiece Living® (MPL) is a well-known authority in Senior Living for its successful aging initiatives and ongoing collaboration with nearly 80 organizations nationwide. This spring, MPL launched the network-wide Living It®, a four-week campaign designed to inspire and challenge people to try new pursuits in the four components of wellness: Physical, Social, Intellectual and Spiritual. […]

  • Tune in Saturday, May 19 at 3 p.m. ET to the Patricia Raskin show on WPRO for a LIVE interview with MPL president, Dr. Roger Landry. Listeners are encouraged to phone in their questions to Dr. Landry at: 401-438-9776. CLICK HERE for details.

  • Lance Robertson, Asst. Secretary for Aging and Administrator of Community Living and Health and Human Services sent Lyceum attendees a special video message commending Masterpiece Living’s mission to change the experience and perception of aging in America. He shared his administration’s Five Pillars for promoting independence for older adults across the nation. They were: Expanding […]