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  • What is your organization’s data story? What are your brand promises, and can you prove them? Those who are a part of the Masterpiece Living Network are part of a powerful group that mind what they measure. CLICK HERE to learn more.

  • Did you know that volunteers experience better overall health, more energy, and greater life satisfaction? In 2017 alone, residents living in the Masterpiece Living Network gave an estimated total of 587,000 hours of time, talent and experience to worthy causes. National Volunteer Week starts April 15 – the perfect time to jump in and lend a […]

  • Masterpiece Living President, Dr. Roger Landry and Managing Director of Masterpiece Life, Brigit Hassig will be conducting a CoLab on Tuesday, March 27 at the “What’s Next Boomer Business Summit” along with experts in the Longevity Economy. Dr. Roger Landry will then introduce Masterpiece Life at the summit on Wednesday, March 28 (12:55 p.m.). CLICK HERE to […]

  • The Best of the Best Award was created by Masterpiece Living (MPL) to shine a spotlight on truly outstanding practices and programs that are more comprehensive, systematic and measurable than typically found in the aging field. The Best of the Best Award recognizes those in the MPL network who are inspiring growth and pushing the limits […]

  • Brain Awareness Week runs March 12-18. The brain is the most complex organ in the human body, and there’s still much to learn about it. We do know that brain health is affected by many factors, such as mental stimulation, diet, exercise and socialization. What are you doing to support better brain health this week?