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  • Movement Matters is a month-long campaign created by Masterpiece Living to inspire and challenge its more than 80 partner organizations across the nation to move more and to tie purpose to movement. This year’s Movement Matters ran throughout the month of September, and included participants from every level of living. Research tells us that a sedentary lifestyle puts us […]

  • In the recent article by LeadingAge Magazine, “Ageism and Workforce Education,” aging experts weigh in on what it takes to create a healthy workplace culture that avoids ageism and challenges aging stereotypes. Masterpiece Living’s Director of Operations, Teresa Beshwate, shares the importance of education for every team member within an organization … education that includes taking […]

  • US News and World Report recently named Colorado as the Best State for Aging based on data collected from reputable sources such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, Genworth Cost of Care Survey, Kaiser Family Foundation, Missouri Economic Research and Information Center, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the […]

  • By: Dr. Roger Landry With each New Year comes the dreaded New Year’s Resolution. We approach it as we do most things in our “take no prisoners” society. We resolve to make a dramatic change; we want it to happen quickly, and we want it to last. But the truth is that small steps are […]

  • “Could I have this dance,” Ken Ray, fitness coordinator at Judson Park, asked resident Ann Toth. The community was hosting a dance as part of Masterpiece Living’s Movement Matters campaign. “I’d love to,” she answered. “But I can’t dance anymore.” After Ann’s husband died, she was unable to go anywhere that had big band music […]