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  • Cultivating positivity in an authentic way By: Danielle Palli As I was driving to a routine doctor’s appointment, mentally preparing for this article (and all the ways I could approach positivity), I hit a roadblock … a metaphorical one. I had neglected to call the office before-hand to find out if there were protocols in […]

  • By: Danielle Palli and Cera Meintzer “There is a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humor and hurt.” -Erma Bombeck The Coal Miners in My Head (Danielle’s first brush with humor) When I was a child, I lost my hearing … at least, 80% of it, due to an ear infection in both […]

  • By: Cera Meintzer and Danielle Palli Journaling Can Build a Bridge (Cera’s Personal Story) A good friend and I had pregnancies 12 months apart. They were second pregnancies for us both, we had first kids almost the same age. My friend decided to keep a journal about the first year of her son’s life and […]

  • By: Cera Meintzer and Danielle Palli  Cera’s Personal Connection to Music As my brain was swimming through ideas for this article, I took a moment to check on my five-year-old daughter only to find her laying on her bed, headphones plugged into the karaoke machine. Her eyes were tightly closed, and she was singing “let […]

  • By: Roger Landry and Teresa Beshwate We are surrounded by examples of forgiveness, including the remarkable story of Nelson Mandela, imprisoned for 26 years for fighting apartheid, who forgave those who took away his freedom, and so moved the country, that he was elected President of South Africa not long after his release. And then as […]