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  • Masterpiece Living President, Dr. Roger Landry, was recently featured on the Not Old – Better show with host Paul Vogelzang. In this interview, Dr. Landry discusses his Lifestyle Inventory and the Ten Tips to Successful Aging, how to combat stress, why being socially connected makes us healthier and more. CLICK HERE to tune in.

  • Masterpiece Living’s Director of Operations, Teresa Beshwate, shares eight indicators for knowing whether an organization is truly committed to successful aging her recent article. Successful aging … The term itself has been around for decades and yet still prompts discussion about whether it is the ideal terminology. Given this, it is not surprising that there […]

  • Masterpiece Living is pleased to welcome two new people to our team to help us further the successful aging movement. Courtney Timm (Sales Manager) Courtney joins the Masterpiece Living Team as a new Sales Manager, where she supports our national sales and marketing initiatives. Courtney has a diverse background, having worked in various for profit and […]

  • With research to back it up, science has a few things to say about whether we’ll continue to live active, passionate lives as we age. With that in mind, Friendship Village of Bloomington announces the launch of Masterpiece Living. The suburban Minneapolis-St. Paul retirement community will implement the research-based system on Monday, June 13, as a […]

  • The Masterpiece Living Lyceum is an invitation-only gathering of Masterpiece Living partners, a place for sharing innovative ideas and non-traditional thought. Aptly named after Aristotle’s Lyceum, which served as early milestones in the development of Western science and philosophy, the Masterpiece Living Lyceum was created to inspire change in the traditional ideas of aging. This […]