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  • Five Ways to Know if Your Community is Successful Aging-Friendly…  By: Dr. Roger Landry Over the last couple of decades, we’ve learned that lifestyle is the heavy hitter when it comes to how we age. Does where you live support your aging-friendly lifestyle? Does it encourage and allow you to be more active? Does is foster the […]

  • The Robert L. Kahn award was established in 2008 to recognize exceptional contributions to the propagation and application of principles of successful aging. Recipients of the Kahn award are leaders in shaping societal views of aging, identifying and tapping the unique human potential of older adults and contributing to the cultural transformation of the aging […]

  • Young scholars from the Odyssey Preparatory Academy (grades 5 through 8) sat with wide-eyed fascination as one resident from Grandview Terrace recounted his harrowing story of survival that fateful day during his time in the Navy several decades ago. This was one of many powerful stories shared that day in what turned out to be […]

  • Inspired by a presentation that Dr. David Gobble gave at The Renaissance (a Masterpiece Living partner), resident Julie Worley decided to accept his “70% challenge.” Several years later and 90 pounds lighter, Julie shared with us her journey to wellness… When I moved to The Renaissance in April, 2010, the good news was that the food […]

  • Westminster Village (a Masterpiece Living partner) kicked it back a few decades with its very own version of  #TBT (Throwback Thursday). Team members and residents from all levels of living came together to share photographs, precious keepsakes, and items from their past to reminisce and share their experiences with one another. One resident brought an angel that […]