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  • Join them for “Successful Aging in Affordable Housing: Lessons and Opportunities” Teresa Beshwate (Director of Operations for Masterpiece Living) and Linda Coleman (Vice-President of Resident Services at ABHOW’s Beacon Communities) will be presenting “Successful Aging in Affordable Housing: Lessons and Opportunities” at the LeadingAge California 2016 Conference and Exposition on Tuesday, May 3 at 2:15 p.m. PST. In […]

  • Dr. Roger Landry (MPL president and author of Live Long, Die Short), Joy Loverde (author of The Complete Eldercare Planner), and other social influencers in the field of senior living recently took part in a unique open forum Twitter chat. Hosted by American Senior Housing Association (ASHA) and moderated by Jeff Bell of GlynnDevins, the […]

  • Masterpiece Living (MPL) will host a free, public screening of The Age of Love, a groundbreaking new documentary offering “a touching and funny look into the lives of seniors who just want to find love.” (Huffington Post) The film follows the comic and poignant adventures of thirty older adults from New York who sign up […]

  •   Older adults and adult children ask those burning, difficult to address, questions with two experts. We often have questions that are so important only an answer from an expert will suffice. The question of how we live as we age certainly falls into that category, and on the heels of the launch of a […]

  •   SPEAKER ONLY SPECIAL Get All 12 Recordings and Transcripts of This Event for $97 Through March 31, 2016.  Recently, Dr. Roger Landry joined 11 other experts for the “Transitioning into Retirement” virtual event. Topics for this 3-day event included: The evolution of retirement, and the exciting new opportunities for retirees. The importance of meaning […]