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  • Patricia Burnley, founder of Kettle Kitchen Village and current resident of The The Long Community at Highland, a Masterpiece Living community, was recently awarded the Women of Influence Lifetime Achievement Award. Masterpiece Living would like to congratulate this remarkable woman. Read more about Patricia and other Women of Influence HERE.  

  • The International Council on Active Aging (ICAA) recently published Changing Lifestyle Behaviors: three approaches that work. In this informative article, reporter Marilynn Larkin speaks with three experts in the field of aging, Dr. Michael Mantell, Dr. Carol Ewing Garber and Masterpiece Living President, Dr. Roger Landry. In it, they share evidence-based strategies to promote better health, […]

  • Dick Gustafson, 79, of Holly Creek (a Masterpiece Living community) stays active and maintains a sense of purpose with his radio programming – and has fun while he`s at it! “It`s been a full-time job,” he says. “I hate retirement, to be honest with you. When I first started this thing, I thought it was […]

  • Masterpiece Living President, Dr. Roger Landry, was recently featured in US News & World Report once again; this time, for his exclusive article, "Surviving the Big Uneasy ... Stress." Here`s an excerpt: What`s the difference between a charging lion and being late for an appointment? From your body`s point of view, not much. This is [...]

  • An award-winning image of active aging at 13,000 feet! Congratulations to Sharon Vizzini of The Colonnade, a Masterpiece Living Community, for your bravery and for capturing such a special “senior moment.” Sharon encourages us all and says, “Don`t limit yourself to things that you have done in the past. If a new great adventure comes […]