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  • Tom Matt of Boomers Rock radio is dedicated to helping people improve their health, fitness, finances and overall happiness through insightful interviews with experts in the successful aging field and articles that are most relevant to older adults who want to age in a better way. Most recently, Tom Matt featured MPL President, Dr. Roger Landry in […]

  • In an effort to keep friends of Masterpiece Living informed about company updates and events, as well as happenings in the successful aging community, we have two ways to connect on LinkedIn, our LinkedIn Business page and our LinkedIn Groups page. What`s the difference? Our business page is all things Masterpiece – from announcing new partnerships, […]

  •   “First of all, I`m an ‘all-in` type of person,” Sloan Bentley, President and CEO of Lifespace Communities, said about Lifespace`s recent partnership with Masterpiece Living, and its plans for all twelve Lifespace communities to become Centers for Successful Aging within the next five years. “Lifespace has the tradition of being leaders in the industry. […]

  • Residents of Holly Creek and other Christian Living Communities describe what Masterpiece Living and Successful Aging means to them in this inspiring video! WATCH

  • “After a big year with a crazy schedule that kept me on a first name basis with TSA people in many airports throughout the country, my wife, Paula, and I left our progressively colder Massachusetts home early in December for a week to just BE in the Virgin Islands. What we found here was more […]