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  • Masterpiece Living (MPL) is continually making strides toward a healthier aging experience! MPL recently hosted a record-breaking Walk to Wellness event. Inspired by research that links brisk walking with reduced body fat, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and reduced risks of bone fracture and heart disease, Walk to Wellness aims to increase physical activity levels for all team […]

  • “Before wellness models can truly make a difference, those who work with older adults need to embrace changes themselves,” says ICAA’s founder/CEO Colin Milner in the recent article by Marilynn Larkin, From Wellness to Transformation: Next Steps for Active-Aging Leaders. Milner also discusses how aging stereotypes and fear may hold people back from reaching their potential. […]

  • At one time, Bill Buckley maintained over 30 beehives throughout Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. Now, this The Birches Assisted Living resident inspired the creation of the beekeeping club at his community, which he currently oversees and uses to educate people about the importance of bees in the pollination and fertilization of plants. What a great […]

  • Recently, Wilma Grice, an Acacia Creek resident, wrote an article defining Masterpiece Living, and what it means to those at her community. Here, she illustrates the four components of successful aging, explains the meaning of gerotranscendence, and describes how positive thinking and a healthy lifestyle can make a difference… ACACIA CREEK AND MASTERPIECE LIVING Acacia Creek is partnered […]

  • MASTERPIECE LIVING PARTNERSHIP SPECIALIST (Lakewood, CO or Palm Beach Gardens, FL) ABOUT MASTERPIECE LIVING Our mission is to change the perceptions and experience of aging. Masterpiece Living partners with organizations to promote successful aging lifestyles. We provide research-based tools and training to enhance cultures and enable individuals to continue to grow physically, intellectually, socially and […]