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  • An award-winning image of active aging at 13,000 feet! Congratulations to Sharon Vizzini of The Colonnade, a Masterpiece Living Community, for your bravery and for capturing such a special “senior moment.” Sharon encourages us all and says, “Don`t limit yourself to things that you have done in the past. If a new great adventure comes […]

  • Masterpiece Living® (MPL), a successful aging initiative, which maximizes the potential of older adults, held its Sixth Annual Lyceum at the Worthington Renaissance Fort Worth Hotel in early April. The Lyceum, named after the location of Aristotle`s Athenian school of philosophy, is known for its thought-provoking speakers, and innovative, actionable ideas. There were more than 200 attendees from […]

  • Broadcast journalist David Alpern of Radio America Presents: For Your Ears Only Interviews MPL President, Dr. Roger Landry. Since 1982, David Alpern has been interviewing public officials, corporate leaders, scientists, medical experts, authors and influential people such as Nancy Reagan, Hillary Clinton, Katharine Hepburn and Bill Gates. Now, for the first time, Alpern interivews Masterpiece Living President and […]

  • The International Council on Active Aging (ICAA) recently published the Career Paths for Wellness Professionals white paper as part of their continued effort to create a framework for wellness programs and career paths for those in the active aging industry. As the ICAA points out, unlike many other professions (e.g. law, engineering, etc.) there is a “lack of […]

  • Clermont Park, a Masterpiece Living Community, was recently featured in American Theatre magazine for their production of Fiddler on the Roof. Reporter Eliza Bent wrote in her article, The Age Advantage: Senior theatre is forging ahead in unexpected and adventurous directions: As my reporter`s folder labeled “silver fox” grew with press releases and articles, one e-mail […]