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  • Dr. Roger Landry, Masterpiece Living President and author of Live Long, Die Short: A Guide to Authentic Health and Successful Aging was recently interviewed by BBC Correspondent, broadcaster and journalist, Peter Bowes. In his interview with Bowes, Dr. Landry candidly discussed what`s on his “bucket list” and how we can achieve the resilience needed to fulfill our own […]

  • Dr. Roger Landry, President of Masterpiece Living and author of Live Long, Die Short was recently featured in Your Family, Your Health. Read Well Aged. Train like a warrior, don`t act your age and other advice from a guide book on aging.  

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  • We`re not cheese. Or wine. As they age they just stay in one place and let time and bacteria do all the work. Maybe passively accepting decline or whatever else time brings was how our grandparents approached their aging, but we’ve learned too much about what it takes to age in a better way to […]