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  • By: Danielle Palli  “An Indian chief once said, ‘you’ll be remembered by the tracks you leave behind,’ and I’m trying to leave good tracks.” ~Santi Visalli  What does it mean to live a meaningful life? How can we find a renewed sense of purpose during those times when purpose feels elusive? To answer these questions, […]

  • By: Dr. Roger Landry, MD, MPH “At its best, each Masterpiece Living community is a village, a culture of that quality. That is what you are creating and have come together to celebrate. And I am happy to have shared your celebration.” ~ Dr. Robert Kahn   The Masterpiece Living Team is most saddened at the recent […]

  • Maximizing Potential and Putting Research into Action Centers for Successful Aging (CSAs) fulfill the need for high quality successful aging service providers, and are regional destinations that implement innovative practices, both within their organization and for the greater community. These are destinations that empower residents and team members to maximize their potential by applying the latest research […]

  • By: Danielle Palli  “Use it or lose it,” is Eleanor Gordon’s response when asked why she regularly attends the Brain Boosters class, now in its fourth year at Someren Glen (a Lifeplan Community). “Dementia runs rampant in my family tree,” she told the Mosaic. “I started to notice slight memory impairment in myself and joined […]

  • By: Dr. Roger Landry, MD, MPH Most of what they told us in medical school about the brain . . . was wrong! Back then, the prevailing belief was that once we reached physical maturity, our brains ceased to make new brain tissue. We thought that aging gradually depleted the neurons of our brains, leading […]