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  • World Gratitude Day falls on September 21 each year. World Gratitude Day was formally established in 1977 through the initiative of the United Nations Meditation Group, and is meant to be a time when you express gratitude for life, for family and friends, for everyday heroes and for wonderful experiences. This day is also recognized […]

  • Did you know that 50 percent of your happiness is predetermined by your genetic make-up? That means the other half of the formula is influenced largely by you! A research study conducted by the University of Minnesota found that human beings are born with a “happiness set-point,” or in other words, a default happiness level […]

  • We encourage your community to join the MPL team and over 130,000 groups across 150 countries participating in Character Day on September 26. Organized by the nonprofit, Let it Ripple, Character Day is one of several initiatives supported by Let it Ripple’s mission to “use film, technology, discussion materials, and live and virtual events to […]

  • The Masterpiece Living Speakers Bureau is comprised of leading experts in the field of aging whose presentations are compelling, enlightening and inspiring. Masterpiece Living President, Dr. Roger Landry, and the Director of the Masterpiece Academy, Dr. Rob Winningham, are pleased to welcome Ron Guziak as the newest member of the MPL Speakers Bureau. Ron Guziak has more than […]

  • Research tells us that a sedentary lifestyle puts us at greater risk for heart disease, some cancers, type 2 diabetes, stroke, bone loss, dementia, and a host of other chronic conditions. With this in mind, Masterpiece Living (MPL) created Movement Matters®. Movement Matters® is a month-long signature campaign by Masterpiece Living (MPL) designed to inspire and […]