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  • By Teresa Amaral Beshwate, MPH  “One of the great ironies of life is this: He or she who serves almost always benefits more than he or she who is served.” – Gordon Hinckle Research has clearly shown the tremendously positive impact of serving others. Those who volunteer have lower mortality rates, greater functional ability, and lower rates of […]

  • Dr. Roger & Friends: The Bright Side of Longevity podcast is hosted by MPL President, Dr. Roger Landry, and team members Teresa Beshwate and Danielle Palli. In addition to their weekly podcast, the Bright Side team will now be sharing daily supportive tips, including video messages and links to helpful resources through Facebook LIVE on their […]

  • Masterpiece Living® (MPL) is a well-known authority in Senior Living for its health and longevity initiatives. Each year, MPL challenges its more than 80 partner organizations around the country to share how they are “Living It!” Living It® is a four-week campaign designed to inspire and challenge people to try new pursuits in the four components of […]

  • (The Paradox of Practicing Kindness Toward People You Don’t Like Very Much) By: Danielle Palli Life is full of contradictions. We can accept circumstances but still advocate for change. We can be a masterpiece as we are and still a work in progress. To take care of others, we must first practice self-care. And, practicing kindness – […]

  • In this episode of the new podcast series, Dr. Roger & Friends: The Bright Side of Longevity, Dr. Roger, Teresa and Danielle reflect on the meaning of spirituality in everyday life, dispelling a few myths along the way. While spirituality can include religion, there are many paths to finding peace and purpose, while connecting with […]