Norm Spitzig currently serves as Senior Advisor to Masterpiece Living in their ongoing quest to create environments that allow individuals to enjoy lives of extended physical, intellectual and social capabilities–lives characterized by meaning, purpose and a robustness which allows them to build resilience regardless of life happenings.

Norm is internationally recognized as an eloquent and visionary expert on strategic planning and volunteer Board governance. Norm’s Board of Directors’ Leadership Orientations and Strategic Planning Sessions are practical, timely and cost-effective and, as such, have been very well received at national, regional and local meetings of many professional associations and companies on six continents.

Norm’s insightful and humorous talk “Universal Life Lessons Learned from the Wonderful World of Private Clubs” is a powerful, story-based presentation which has strong applicability for those responsible for community culture no matter what type of community. Norm is also the author of four very funny and insightful books, Private Clubs in America and around the World, Murder and Mayhem at Old Bunbury, How Now, Norm’s Tao, and Soul on Nice.

Norm, who doggedly continues his improbable, and admittedly weird, pursuit of logging one hundred thousand running miles, resides in the historic town of Mount Dora, Florida, with his beautiful bride Cody and ball-obsessed chocolate Labradors Lucy and Emma.

Norm may be reached at, 352-735-5693, or 561-762-7195. For more information, please visit

Norm’s Topics Include:

  • Universal Life Lessons Learned from the Wonderful World of Private Clubs. This hands-on, highly interactive workshop offers practical, useful and entertaining information that can be immediately implemented in everyone’s professional and personal lives. Norm uses his lifelong experience in, and love for, the private golf club world as the springboard to ruminating about the deeper, fundamentally important philosophical issues we all face–meaningful, humorous, poignant insights that apply to all walks of life. Private club owners, directors, and senior staff are all most welcome to attend. Not only will all attendees thoroughly enjoy themselves, but everyone will gain a deeper appreciation of all that it takes to successfully govern and/or manage a great operation.