“Okay, Now What?”

By: Danielle Palli 

If Nancy Criswell were being honest (and, she always is), she would tell you that the only reason she attended the Vertical 360° class when it was offered at Friendship Village of South Hills was because she was intrigued by the name. At age 98, she’s been an active resident at the community for more than 20 years. So, when she walked into class and was told that it was a Program by Masterpiece centered around fall prevention strategies, she answered in earnest, “Well that sounds interesting … who cares?”

As it would happen that evening, Nancy fell in her kitchen. “I was lying on the floor thinking, ‘now what do I do?’” she described that her mind went into rewind as she visualized what Kelly Michel, the instructor, had taught them. She calmly rolled over, bent her dominant knee, made her way onto her hands and knees, and crawled to a nearby bench where she was able to successfully stand up. Fortunately, she sustained no injury from the fall, possibly – in part – because of her active lifestyle. Nancy participates in a strength training group three times a week, and is a member of the walking group. She also has plans to attend the Bring Your Own Balance class that will soon be offered at Friendship Village.

More than one-third of all adults over the age of 65 fall each year. Once someone suffers a fall, he or she is two to three times more likely to fall again, and that risk factor rises after age 75. If you’ve not yet experienced the new Vertical 360, talk with your Masterpiece Living coordinator today.