Masterpiece Living is More Than Just a Wellness Program…

It`s a cultural approach to successful aging based on the belief that more is possible as we age. With researched-based initiatives that build a more satisfied community, the result is more satisfied residents and associates with lower risks for decline. Masterpiece Living is the MacArthur Foundation Study on Aging brought to life, offering trademarked tools and techniques that measure and inspire aging community culture.

As each Masterpiece Living Partner is different, we have provided case studies to share each unique experience.

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“MPL has had a tremendous impact on our community. Although we were providing superior opportunities to our seniors daily that encompassed the four components, this new successful aging culture initiative helped us formalize our offerings. The reviews, in addition to all the other resources they provide, have only enhanced and added value to what we offer to help our residents in their successful aging journey.”

-Julie Fenske, Executive Director, The Buckingham

Deb Hiller, President and CEO for Eliza Jennings communities, recently stated that “When The Renaissance launched Masterpiece Living 2009, they went from 81% reserved and occupied IL occupancy to 97.7% currently, and we believe that Masterpiece Living played a key role in revitalizing The Renaissance through its focus on successful aging.” Deb sums up her satisfaction with Masterpiece Living as follows: “We`ve seen a great return on our investment in Masterpiece Living and have happier and healthier residents as well.”

“We have been pleased with the outcomes our residents have experienced. We found in following outcomes from residents who had participated all three years [that] lifestyle and medical-clinical risk factors decreased! Our residents are healthier and have taken control of their health and aging. Some are learning to dance, and others are taking college courses for the first time. It is wonderful to see the residents learn and have fun!”

-Mina Breuker, COO, Holland Home

  “ABHOW has made an increasing commitment to creating a culture of successful aging through its lifestyle programs at all of its CCRC locations.  Since 2006, its investment in this area has more than doubled to nearly $4 million. During the same time ABHOW experienced $34 million growth in real revenue; 20 times its additional investment in successful aging. We know our investment in successful aging played a role in this return on investment, along with other factors such as our increased commitment to dining services with our My Choice dining program, being intentional about growing our short-term rehab business, moving away from annual resident and family opinion surveying to ‘continuous`surveying and redeveloping many of our aging buildings and campuses.”

Jeff Glaze, Senior VP & Chief Operations Manager